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Weekend Raid Update -- Holiday Issue
Apr 13, 09 9:26 AM
Weekend Raid Update
Apr 6, 09 12:16 PM
Weekend Raid Update -- 3/23/09
Mar 23, 09 1:18 PM
Weekend Raid Update
Mar 16, 09 8:39 AM
Thuuga Raid
Mar 9, 09 3:55 PM
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Sit down, grab a drink and relax as you are soothed by the dulcet tones of the water in the fountain and piano in the bar. Hmm, something doesn't feel right as you slowly come to understand things aren't as they seem. Suddenly you realize that the water is  slowly rising all around you and the piano's tempo is quickening in a nightmarish symphony. Trying to rise from your chair you seem to be paralyzed as you feel the quickening of your heartbeat.......oh no, you are starting to panic......franticly trying to open the door you realize that you can't, there is no door and no way out....Welcome to the Madness

Weekend Raid Update -- Holiday Issue

QuantumFoam, Apr 13, 09 9:26 AM.
Gooood Monday Morning to everyone out there!! I hope you all had an absolutely fantabulous Easter! To celebrate the day of beheaded chocolate bunnies and unnaturally colorful eggs, I give you.... the weekend raid update! **tada**

So Friday we started the holday weekend off with MMIS. Took a little longer than we expected, but people were daydreaming about giant bunnies that bring baskets full of candy coated sugary goodness big enough to loose yourself in! hehe. Childhood fantasies aside, we rocked as usual, with plenty of loot to go around. Eldjin got a darker lesson when he looted the Teachings of the Underworld master, and Tolec was captivated by the Cuffs of Force. Xenra lost her way with the Coat of the Wayward, and Ganix's eyes twinkled when he saw the Star Darkened Longbow. Finally, Illyn was filled with joy when he looted the Breastplate of the Malicious. The raid force as a whole banked an Impious Accretion master. Grats to all!! Next, we moved on to take down the OverKing, who fell on the second pull. Abellah found her courage with the Tigerheart Gloves, and Spiderz showed some bardly pride when he looted the Taleweaver's Leggings. Grats to you both! 

Saturday we conquered PR, as we normally do. Tonah from TEMPEST got his hands on the Mirrored Armguards and banked the Mantle of the Dead Eye as smart loot. Spiderz and Ganix both valliantly passed on the Treasureseeker's Band so that Dezgra could get a great upgrade. You guys rock! Tolec from Born in Blood looted the Mindbending Cap, and Born in Blood got the crystallized mana from a crushed piece. Grats to everyone! We next moved on to Levi. We didn't get the kill, but even with all the alts that we were trying to get VP flagged, we still did some major damage and struck fear into the heart of that infamous giant worm. :)

And that's all i'm gonna write for now.. We had a great weekend and topped it all off with Easter! We'll be back to our normal three day weekend of raids next week.

That's your weekend raid update, and this is Emine, signing off. Have fun, be safe and always, always eat more chocolate than you should! ('s a proven fact that eating chocolate is as pleasurable as kissing someone!!)hehe  Laterz!

Weekend Raid Update

QuantumFoam, Apr 6, 09 12:16 PM.
Good morning Crusaders!!

What a weekend we had!! Friday started things off with the Levi Kill on the schedule... and kill him we did!! Special thanks to Maergoth for coming to help us out! The giant worm died a horrible death from a series of massive internal hemorages.. and we all got our updates and VP flags! Woot! Yours truly was so excited about the kill that she forgot to write down the loot from Levi and who was lucky enough to recieve it... :-/ oopsie... sorry about that, but grats to those who picked something up!

Saturday, we had runs on Thuuga and Paw Buster scheduled. Both were not a problem at all for TaintedMadness... we took both down on the first shot, no wipes and very few deaths in general! woo hoo!! That was it for the night, as we wanted to be rested for Sunday. Loot for these victories included the Trancending Tonelets for Renegata, the Queen's Venomed Gauntlets for Aiya, a bruiser maser for Tainted Blade and a crystallized mana for Crusaders! :)

And Sunday was a good day as well... We planned to give VP a go, however we were unable to do so because some key people got locked out. :( However, not to be defeated, we decided to go to Kor'Sha to kick some monster butt there instead! We got up to the Over King without too much of a problem, but then time concerns interefered and we left Selrach for next Friday. He will, no doubt, succumb to the power that has become TaintedMadness!! And now, for the loot report... Wolfstar got his hands on a Remiss master and the Tomb Raider's Coif. Renegata wrapped herself in joy when she got her hands on Entryi's Sash, and Nurotic won the Lichbloom Bracelet. Kalsifer, a newcomer to the force, was lucky enough to get the Bloodstone Emperor's Signet Ring. Grats to all!!

Just a word on the alliance... awesome! We have grown a great deal in the past few weeks, and the force that we have going right now totally kicks ass! We took down Levi, and things like Thuuga, PB and PR are no challenge for us anymore. Give yourselves a pat on the back, guys! We rock!! :)

That's your weekend raid update, and this is Emine, signing off! See you all next weekend for more bloodshed!! :)

Weekend Raid Update -- 3/23/09

QuantumFoam, Mar 23, 09 1:18 PM.
Greetings Crusaders!!

Happy Monday to you all! As we all get back to the daily grind of weekday life, I have raid news to remind us all of the happier times of the weekend!

So, Friday. absolutely fantastic run on PR! No wipes, even with some accidental pulls, including one on the last named *cough*Tobe*cough* But we recovered with ease and conquered all for glory and loot!! Speaking of loot, here we go... Abellah got the Skullcap of Stormcalling and Zeuus received the Manipulator's Hood. Seems to be a good match for a toon named after a god who would shapechange to charm and seduce random mortal women... ahem. moving on... Kaiemi snagged Betrayal's song and the Tracker's Treads, and Noalin got her hands on the Vyx Crest Locket. Our fearless raid leader Noops picked up a Netherbeast Master, Sharkbait sunk his teeth into an Adrenaline Master, and Dojo was able to kick up a Biting Cobra Master. Grats to all!! on a side note, I forgot to write down guild names, sorry about that :) We were supposed to give PawBuster a shot as well, but the login servers went down, and we had to call it becuase we lost people zoning in and what not. :( booo!!

Saturday was also a great day. Tariza the Widow Mistress went down in one pull, no wipes at all in the zone! PawBuster was a bit of a challenge (stupid stuns!) but we conquered in the end!! No loot to mention on these fights, they were all crushed as no one needed the items.

And now, for Sunday. We went into Kor'Sha. Bit of a difficult run this time, but we can't be perfect every time. We had a long weekend of kick assery in general! :) We had to call it at the twins because some people had time issues, and we will finish the zone next weekend. Far as loot goes, Valesca from Raiders of the Mist was able to grab a Keen Tactics Master, Illyn got his hands on the Iron Plated Utility Belt and Zahdjinn won a crystallized mana! Tobe was able to redeem himself a bit from his transmuting rut, and we've found that if the entire raid chants "mana! mana! mana!" in their heads as an item is being crushed, Tobe has better chances of scoring a mana for us! :)

That's your weekend raid update, and i look forward to more reports of dead mobs and crazy loot next week! This is Emine, signing off.... happy hunting!

Weekend Raid Update

QuantumFoam, Mar 16, 09 8:39 AM.
Gooooooooooooooood Morning Crusaders!!!

It's a wonderous Monday (not really, but i'm being optimistic!) and we had a great weekend of raiding!!

Ok, for starters, Firday, we ventured to Protectors Realm, and took down the entire zone with absolutely no wipes! Talk about a victory!! Great way to start the weekend off! The BJML fight was a breeze... honestly, the smoothest I've ever seen that fight go down. It was beautiful enough to even bring a tear to the eye of the toughest of the battle hardened! Although, if questioned about the mysterious tear, any of us would simply say that a piece of shattered golem flew into our eye, because warriors don't cry!! hehe

Now, loot from PR... Dareena of Refuge picked up the Energized Protector's Shackle and  Lanowin (from a guild that i forgot to write down!) got the Treasureseeker's Band. We had a special guest appearance by GabrielPedroza (Woot!) from Effigy of the Forgotten, who was lucky enough to obtain the Honorbound Vambraces. BiB members Dezgra and Mindaeni won the Segmented Serrator and the Iron Stance Master. Renegata of Tainted Blood (yay clerics!) scored the Resolute Vambraces! and that was just Friday! :)

Saturday and Sunday we took on Kor'Sha, home of the infamous twins and the Overking himself! Saturday was the easy stuff... trash, a few nameds, and only one wipe. As for loot, Renegata from Tainted Blade won the Five Rings Master, which she then generously offered to donate to their monk if he was in need of it. We had another guest appearance, this time from Raidon's family! Stormwyn joined us and was lucky enough to get her hands on the Blood Stone Emperor's Signet Ring. (you can't get blood from a stone, but evidently you can make a stone from blood. lol *shrug*)

We left the twins and the Overking for Sunday so everyone would be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the fight. The twins went down in two pulls! Personally, this was the first time i've been with a raid that was able to take them down, so yay for us!! :) The Overking was a little more difficult... But that's understandable considering that he has more tricks up his sleeves than a magician at a street fair. Adds and draughts and swords to deactivate (but no bears, oh my!) hehe...craziness!! in the end, Tainted Madness had the winning play, with updates abound, including Tobe's!! Wahoo!! :) Loot loot loot.... Wolfstar snached up the Tomb Raider's Mantle, JustDoGood won the Mindbending Pantaloons (there is no spoon!) and Tobe got his little halfling hands on the very sweet Dissector! I think the blade may be almost as tall as he is, but as long as he can kill stuff, it's all good :)

So, in review, we've been in this alliance for a week, are 3 and 0 for victorious raids, and basically kick ass in general :) schedule for next week will be posted, and i hope to see you all there!

So for now, toodles, buh byes, cya later alligator, sianara and adios! This is Emine, and this has been your weekend raid update. :)

Thuuga Raid

QuantumFoam, Mar 9, 09 3:55 PM.
Goooooooooooooooooooood Morning Crusaders!

Well, yesterday we had our first raid with Tainted Blade, and things went very well! We went to the Tomb of Thuuga and were victorious! In fact, we kicked massive spider behind! Trash mobs went down easy -- like cutting through butter with a hot knife -- they were defenseless! :) Tairiza The Widow Mistress gave quite a fight, but she was no match for the new alliance! Two pulls and she was down for the count! 

Loot included a master spell given to a warden whose name esapes me at the moment, a soul cube that grants access for another raid, and a kick ass healer ring that yours truly won. :)

I personally am looking forward to many more raids with Tainted Blade, and I hope all of you are as well!

We have Kor'Sha tentatively scheduled for Friday, so keep your eyes open for updates!! 
That's your news for today, and this is Emine, signing off for now. :)
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